BEST guide on Prenups & honest financial conversations before marriage

Congratulations!  You're engaged or thinking about saying "YES!"...or maybe you're the one thinking about doing the ask, having found the right one.  (Well done!)

But hold on.  You are making one of the biggest decision of your life.

Before you start thinking about the who-what-when-where-how's of your wedding, consider for a moment what will be the financial impact of marriage on your life.

If you're even considering a prenup, have an honest (and perhaps brutal) conversation with your significant other about money BEFORE the wedding.  And even if you're not considering a prenup, STILL have the conversation.  Likely several conversations before you both bind yourselves in legal and financial union. 

This is the BEST guide we've seen on prenups and how to have a serious discussion about money between those who want to get married. 

Send it to your sisters, your girlfriends...send it to anyone who's thinking about getting married.

Do You Know How Much Money Your Spouse Has?

Quick! Do you know how much income your partner makes in a year?  What about how much retirement savings s/he has?  If the answer is no to both questions, will you ask to find out?

Recent research shows that amongst newlyweds “20 percent [of men] had secret financial accounts their partners didn't know about, compared to 12 percent of women.” 

The difficulties of talking openly about money seems to common to many relationships.  How financially open are you in your relationship?