Robo Advisors...Do We Need Them?

Do women need a robo advisor just for us?  Former head of Bank of America's Global Wealth & Investment Management division, Sallie Krawcheck thinks so! As one of the most senior women on Wall-Street and the co-Founder of Ellevest, the new automated online investment advisor for women, Sallie shares her reasons for why women need to invest more

Saving your way to retiring in your 30s

It almost seems like it's an insane idea...retire in your 30s?! Only if you win the lottery or join a fantastically successful tech startup, right? 

Actually, no. 

You CAN save to retire in your 30's and here's how one "normal" couple did it.  Their personal journey may be extreme, but it still offers interesting options for reaching your own financial goals.  Lots of useful ideas here for reshaping your life to be financially free.