"I think I have always taken money for granted."

I grew up in a very affluent neighborhood and everyone around me was from a similar background and privy to the same luxuries. Then having moved to a different area and a different school where everyone there came from such a wide diversity of sociology economic status was eye opening.

Although I run my own business (and know exactly how to organise everything in that world), I am completely reliant on my husband for the day-to-day administration of our personal financial matters. I think I gained my resilience in business and entrepreneurial flair from my father and continue to learn from him, but also probably have developed his bad habits when it comes to casual spending.

My relationship with money has definitely changed after having children - it is a commodity, that is only to pay for things we need and want. Before I saw money as a status and was wooed by ideas go grandeur. I equated money to wealth, but I have learnt that actually wealth equates to success. Just having money doesn't make you successful - hard work does that!  Money for me is simply a commodity; currency and way I pay my taxes!!!