SARAH HAQUE, Urban Species: "Taking the Financial Risk to Starting Your Own Business"

Sarah Haque is Co-founder and Executive Director of Urban Species Limited.

Sarah launched her company in 2004 (with her son & business partner) to create and offer unique products, designed by London & UK based Artists.

Urban Species are pioneers for many alternative products in Fashion and Art, as well as in Licensing, Gaming, Film and Music industries.  Through her business, Sarah has worked with some incredible names over the past decade, such as Marvel, DC, Hasbro, Nickelodeon, Sony Music, Warner Bros., Universal, & Disney.  Sarah helps to bring digitally printed artwork onto apparel and other products for fans of urban art, comic book culture and film.

Sarah is a Bangladeshi-born UK Citizen, living in the UK for 34 years. Formal Education A- Levels. Informal Education supplied by Mentor, Business courses, innumerable books & training sessions. Running a Business has been the biggest university for her.