About Isabella Forum

Isabella Forum is a network that helps women better manage their money around major life events. 

Today, during the most dynamic phases of our life and careers, women need to take active control in building and securing our financial present and future. But we get so busy dealing with the day-to-day stuff that we don't really have as much chance to plan, particularly around personal financial goals. Sometimes we're held back by not knowing what we don't know. Or we might simply feel intimidated by all the jargon and services out there. Talking to many women, we realised there's a need to share information with each other and to have "trusted advisors" that aren't trying to sell you something. 

Women ask each other for all sorts of life advice, but when it comes to finance we either don't have a place to go or we feel uncomfortable asking. We all need to get better at managing our own money - it's not as complicated of a process as many think it is, but the jargon can make it seem like rocket science at times. (It's not.) 

We need to ensure our hopes and plans are backed by financial realities. 

The purpose behind Isabella Forum is to help our fellow women learn and grow in our understanding of how to plann for our financial futures.  We come from finance careers, but we don't have an incentive to sell any financial products or services. We just want to create a comfortable space to ask money questions and not only learn together but also from each other. 

Money forms the launching pad for many of our hopes and dreams, and it gives us that all-important sense of security. It may represent different things to each of us, but learning to successfully manage of money does enable us to do more of what we want, how we want. 

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Being rich is having money. Being wealthy is having time.
— Margaret Bonnano, Author

Grace Maa & Jennie Byun, Co-Founders of Isabella Forum

 GRACE MAA (l); JENNIE BYUN (r) - Co-Founders of Isabella Forum

GRACE MAA (l); JENNIE BYUN (r) - Co-Founders of Isabella Forum

Grace wants women to feel confident about managing money and achieving their lifestyle goals - whether that's planning for time to travel around the world or just feeling more in control of everyday spending and investments. In 2012, Grace was selected by PAM (Private Asset Managers) Awards as a Top 40 Under 40. Her background includes advising senior finance executives on managing their personal assets and as a Business Development Director for a company with over £4 billion of assets under management.  She is an active proponent of women putting their money to work and has designed marketing campaigns with Hailo and TaskRabbit to help women "speak up" through our spending power.  Grace leads the London Chapter of Ellevate, the largest global professional women's network with 40,000 members worldwide.  She received her MBA in Finance from London Business School and her BA from Princeton University. Grace tries to keep up with her two children and splits her time between London, Silicon Valley and Milan.

Jennie has more than ten years of global banking and asset management experience.  She started her finance career in investment banking research at JP Morgan in New York, and subsequently in London. In 2010, she joined a private family office, where she managed the fixed-income and commodities portfolio of a multi-asset class investment fund.  Jennie also has experience in the nonprofit sector, having worked as a fundraiser for a grassroots community organization.  She is passionate about women's empowerment, and is currently project lead for UN Women NC UK's donor cultivation initiative as well as London Chapter Officer of the women's network Ellevate. She has a management degree from MIT and completed her MBA at London Business School. She calls London, New York and Paris home.  

Jenna Cardone, Partner at Isabella Forum

 Jenna Cardone, Partner AT ISABELLA FORUM

Jenna Cardone, Partner AT ISABELLA FORUM

Jenna has a passion for helping people understand the importance of personal finance and how to use it to achieve their financial goals. This spark was ignited at a young age learning from her mother the importance of budgeting and saving for the future. Jenna has been a Wealth Manager for high net worth individuals both in London and New York. She has a background in investment strategy as well as tax planning for individuals and families. Jenna enjoys finding ways to support other women in their pursuits. She recently has been a Trustee for a charity supporting women ex-offenders return to work. She is a Certified Financial Planner™ and a Certified Public Accountant. She earned an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School and a BA in Accounting from Fairfield University. Jenna currently lives in London with her husband and three children.

Upasna Bhadhal, London 2016 Chairwoman

 upasna bhadal, london2016 forum chairwoman

upasna bhadal, london2016 forum chairwoman

Upasna is a buy-side headhunter with almost ten years experience working with asset managers and head funds on partner level mandates. She has been running her own search company for the last four years as well as setting up a retail business which is due to launch soon. Upasna is a London chapter officer for the women's networking group Ellevate.  She is passionate about helping to bring out the best in women, whether thats from a career perspective or through her blog focused on supporting new mothers. Upasna is also keen to help women achieve financial clarity so that they can pursue their passions and interests whilst securing independent income streams for themselves and their family. Upasna read Politics at The University of Nottingham and went on to do her MA in International Security and Terrorism.  She currently lives in London with her husband and two young children.